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Winter 2012 (shenzhen) international exhibition of adhesive tape, protective fil

Author : zhiying Date : 2016-04-29

2012 China (shenzhen) international exhibition of adhesive tape, protective film and optical film on November 25 solstice 27, was held at shenzhen convention &exhibition centre, will gather global key industry enterprises to participate in the exhibition, the organizing committee will focus on the global top 500, listed companies, enterprise group co., LTD., headquarters and other large enterprises to visit procurement.

"APFO China 2012" is in 2009 to start the first tape professional exhibitions, film industry in China has successfully held seven sessions, was one of the world's recognized as the first tape film exhibition, unique industry leading position; Past the exhibition attracted a total from more than 80 countries and regions more than 1000 manufacturers successively.

Including 3 m, SKC, ITW, HANWHA, ACHILLES, MAPRO, CONCO, 4 d tape, tape, dow corning, Japan high tape of an ancient name for China, jing bei's tape, group of yi tape, tape, President of the polar bear film and comprehensive research chemistry, nano chemistry, east China sea green, film stars, film xiangyu, branch of membrane, Lin family film, film, f&p, film jasmine, white film, HuiXing new materials, DE deep enterprise, weft rich protective film, Thai shimron, protective film, first a nano, treasure to the poor, as well as the well-known equipment instrument exhibitors are: saso shunfa corporation, with science and technology (PNT),, this stake, shaanxi northerners, zhongshan,, sun electrical and mechanical, aerospace huayang, China chang machinery, kyushu haode, Mr Tam, CO - TECH, Davis - standard, ISRA (ISRA), in accordance with the shuttle's (ESOPP), UVSMT, etc.

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