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Shigeru green open thinking in China (2014) CITE electronic information fair a c

Author : zhiying Date : 2016-04-29

April 10-12, 2014, jointly by the ministry of industry and information technology and the people's government of shenzhen, by the China electronics corporation and undertaken by shenzhen flat display industry association of China electronic information fair (English abbreviations: CITE), was held at shenzhen convention &exhibition centre. As the leader of the touch screen material enterprise, inventor of the PU coating, global leader of the PU coating, open, green MAO on the exhibition shows the most representative of glue antistatic antistatic at the membrane surface, such as leading the PU coating series products.

At the same time, we also show the application in the world's most thin PET substrate on the graphene ultra-thin double-sided adhesive (0.005 mm), toughened glass membrane AB double-sided adhesive, touch screen is special explosion-proof membrane, OCA and other leading products. Explosion-proof membrane with touch screen is our company's new product, there are 50 + 25 + OCA (PET), 50 + 50, 25, 50, 75 + 75 + 100 + 100, such as the thickness of the touch screen products. Green open thought mau booth's unique design to attract the attention of the audience again, embodies the green shigeru open, in addition to product technology has a leading level of the brand image.

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