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APFE2014 Shanghai exhibition held postponed to July 17 to 19

Author : zhiying Date : 2016-04-29

To support and cooperate with "cica summit" on May 20, 21, successfully held in Shanghai pudong (summit Asia more than 20 countries will be the highest leaders, will take extra security and strict traffic control), originally scheduled for May 20-22, held in Shanghai world expo pavilion "APFE2014" the 10th international adhesive tape, protective film and optical film exhibition (high functional thin film exhibition, die cutting exhibition, will be postponed to July 17 to 19, 2014, location of Shanghai world expo exhibition hall remains the same!

"APFE2014" has China, full, 18000 square meters

"APFE" Shanghai international exhibition on tape protective film and optical film is the world's largest and most influential film industry exhibition, the adhesive tape and the function of the is the exhibition was founded in 2007. "APFE2014" created an area of 18000 square meters, there will be more than 500 exhibitors from 29 countries around the world to participate the event, at the same time also will hold the "China optical film industry BBS". Has China, full [APFE2014] booth 18000 square meters poised, exhibition and BBS will attract the world nearly 20000 professional visitors will also see the industry feast. To participate in this exhibition and BBS brands include: toray, lucky, Kant's new, double star, bo yi xin, tong, delta, td/tenghui, dick, adai edges, can photoelectric, BiMa - new changsheng, itochu, dow corning, wacker, South Asia, constant resistance, regent, division g, four dimensions, the crown, the group of interest, the rich cotton, (strain) yuan chemical, DSCOTEC, Wellco, BMB, mostly, endree Bates, eminem, Hitachi high-tech, Jin Wei, saso shunfa, evergreen, good source, China chang, haode, warp/weft, northerners, continuous jiyang, new billiton, Ed,, zhongtian, trade long, rico, Japan, new to the industry's top brands such as exhibitors.

10th March, majestic, "APFE" in leading and innovation and development, let the industry know more about the latest trends of the global market, to promote the adhesive protective film and optical film industry in the development of China and make a positive contribution, many enterprises have to borrow the machine be explored monarch of (APFE) soil.

On July 17 to 19, 2014, the exhibition] [APFE2014 Shanghai welcomes your arrival!

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