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China optical film protective film industry event is about to begin

Author : zhiying Date : 2016-04-29

Listed Chinese optical FILM industry giant toray, SKC, toyo spinning, lucky, shinco photoelectric, Kant's new material will be on display at the heavily armoured, KaiXinSen, binary "qualities of EXPO 2014" the eighth (shenzhen) optical FILM exhibition (November 25 to 27, 2014). The giant optical film business development in China as at the time, marketing network throughout north and south China. Preparation for the exhibition, and the giant carefully selected products, our products is not difficult to see from the preview its future development blueprint in China: lucky film will be on display at the show on the back light with optical film and polyester film base material, Kant's new emphasis on display back light with optical film, according to the optical film, hardening of the film and optical protective film, double star will focus on new materials show display with optical film, diaphragm, ITO film, optical diaphragm and hardening of the film, from type membrane, etc.

In addition, the optical film, from type membrane protective film/sclerosis enterprises such as dick, Lynn, lumena foil, can photoelectric, optical/td tenghui, Qiao Wei, heaven, adai ling,,, science BiMa - new changsheng,, DSCOTEC, star of hui, tu, four dimensional precision, constant resistance, Jin Hengcheng, feather seal, ShangXin, DingFeng lung, nether, tai chi too, Jin Boshi, farce ty, and well-known manufacturers such as beautiful, thick letter will also be a strong debut exhibition, centralized display as optical film industry layout of optical coating/mold film leader of infinite charm. "FILM EXPO 2014" has become an indicator of optical FILM industry market and the development of the industry boosters, let the industry know more about the latest trends of the global market at the same time, also to promote the development of optical FILM industry in China and promoting a positive contribution; "China optical film also held BBS" has become another big luminescent spot, welcome to participate.

See Chinese optical protective film top manufacturers together big squad again

China top optical protective film manufacturers yixin into, through the photoelectric, delta continuous exhibition in shenzhen. She remembered the performance of the big three of the last meeting, the reunion, combined with new signing in photoelectric, dick, and optical td/tenghui enterprises of the same size booth exhibition, enough to the appearance of optical coating industry in China's future development pattern and market application of new business.

As the only focus on the coating, laminating, packaging printing, cutting and in areas such as professional exhibition

Shaanxi northerners, Taiwan on shunfa, new China prosperous, Hitachi, Japan can optimal Techno PNT, Smart, south koreans and technology Han Guoxi otake CO - TECH, Korea eminem AMO, PROTEM, Wellco, Dae will work Chang (Chang), continuous jiyang, science and technology, Ed, and kyushu haode, new extension, aerospace huayang, sun and other high-end coating equipment agents to powerful cast appearance [FILM EXPO 2014]. Well-known cutting equipment, ATLAS, GOEBEL, DKT, good source, constant light, YiTaiPu, insein, jiangnan, rich, full participation in the conference; In addition, the related technical equipment such as FMS, Switzerland, Germany E + L (lai's), BST (bielefeld), while JVC,'s PORA, nordson, South Korea, the United States NDC, wei kang, pool Tian commercial, god steel and other famous brand enterprises also actively join in the exhibition.

Watch precision die cutting/cutting equipment, material processing in China market opportunity surges

Precision die cutting/cutting equipment manufacturer feng day, Fuji, commerce, zhengyi group, fly in the new, ding high-tech, gerhard, qin Yang, xin feng, Preco (rico), Edwards, Kinsey, family of wheel, guangdong inscription, visa, CST and manufacturers such as together and take big booth, leading the new material precision die cutting/cutting processing technology of the new development.

See industrial tape "rumbles on" industrial tape industry brand enterprise TRUSS, dow corning, rich printing, high chemical Asia, Japan, crown chang, good sincere, four dimensional precision, and the crown, and profit, the expedition, wing tai group, Rogers, Mr Ou, alpha, and chang electronics, general, cotton, rich red post, burson-marsteller, thought baker will appear on "APFO CHINA 2014" heavy. Industrial tape in China's development potential is huge, especially in the special adhesive tape more rapid development in recent years, production and sales reached record high. "APFO CHINA 2014" start the tape/protective film industry, after eight years of brand building and lead to innovation and development continuously, the achievement of today, the world's largest tape with the feature film industry exhibition. Tape industry "rumbles on" continue to highlight the "APFO CHINA/FILM EXPO" as adhesive tape and FILM industry bellwether and industry merchants infinitely expand the market space, improve industry brand strength of the best trading platform!

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