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The fourth Macworld Asia held in Beijing

Author : zhiying Date : 2016-04-29


On August 22 news four-day 2014 digital world expo Macworld Asia ︱ iWorld Asia (MIA) on August 21, 2014-24 in Beijing national convention center. MIA supported by the Beijing municipal people's government, the United States, international data group (IDG and jointly organized by Beijing investment promotion bureau, is the world's largest apple peripheral and accessories products expo.

IDG World Expo, vice President and Macworld/iWorld general manager Paul Kent on this session of the Asia exposition, according to its introduction, Expo combines many functions in one, brings together the new product of science and technology exhibition, peak BBS, seminars, interactive experience, investment negotiation, on-site activities, not only satisfy the hot topics discussed, the personage inside course of study to the industry and attracted the ordinary users to participate in the depth of interaction.

Since 2012, changed its name to Macworld | iWorld Asia (MIA), the digital world in order to emphasize the Macworld Asia expo started from a simple discussion of apple's technology and products, to become a philosophical interpretation of the present Internet using apple's products, technology and innovation trend of platform, which pay more attention to the mobile Internet rapid development new pattern under the environment of the whole industry.

Paul Kent, points out that MIA is an open integration platform. By crossing the borders of ecosystem, efforts and outside of the apple ecosystem platform, industries and fields interact and communicate. Through cross-border dialogue and exchange for apple ecosystem constantly inject new innovation power, and driver of prosperity and healthy development.

"This exposition will together industry the latest developments in science and technology, cutting-edge products, cooperation opportunity and industry point of view; by exhibitors and exhibition display and face-to-face communication, cooperation and exploration, for apple ecosystem with the mobile Internet industry power source with large fusion, implementation of the convergence, promote mobile ecological integration conference theme." Paul said Kent.

At American international data group (IDG World Expo more than ten years, large-scale activities for more than 15 years project management experience of love, convention and exhibition co., LTD., general manager of the IDG Yang Yin is Macworld ︱ iWorld Asia 1 in four years, be familiar with the United States and Asia, two Yang Yin show differences, said: "in the past two years in China both in hardware and application software development capabilities in a leading position, now a lot of products displayed on the MIA than in the United States advanced."

According to its introduction, the expo window, and one of them is the health products. "People say, see the first MIA, condoms are shell shell products, there is no technology content. But with the development of mobile Internet to many innovation has made them more of apple's peripheral products into people's life. This year, with the exhibitors at the glucose meter display, don't have to go to the hospital blood can directly measure; and there's a sports products, such as smart basketball, state sport general administration has plans to its application in the national team training."

Yang Yin at the same time, however, pointed out that China's foreign or 3 d printing products than some gap, but our country's board is to print the material used. 3 d printing will bring a revolution, there are gap also means that China has more room to improve.

, of course, the expo as Asia's most popular ultimate carnival "fan", from the lovers of apple products in the asia-pacific region, users, and developers can understand the latest by MIA nature, the coolest products and technology, can also interact with the expert's face to face learning. AD hoc "music show," "fruit are exchange zone" interactive activities, such as for apple products in the field of vision, music and other innovative application experience.

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