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APFE2015 gaining momentum, unlimited business opportunities for adhesive tape an

Author : zhiying Date : 2016-04-29

May 7-9, 2015 at the national convention center (Shanghai hongqiao) at the 11th Shanghai international exhibition of adhesive tape, protective film and optical film and high functional thin film exhibition "APFE2015" is a must-see Asia's largest annual event viscous material and functional thin film industry.

"APFE2015" as Asia's leading film industry focus on viscous material and function of specialized exhibitions, here you will experience the world's most advanced viscous material and functional thin film materials processing equipment and technology. Refers to industrial tape, sticky viscous material shielding & protective film, adhesive labels, foam, viscous material such as insulation materials, functional thin film is refers to the optical protective film, from the type film, polyester film, optical film, film sheet functional thin film materials, etc. Convention covers the printing, packaging, plastic, electronic photoelectric industries involved in viscous material and function of soft thin material industrial chain and secondary processing and processing technology.

Asia is the largest viscous material and functional thin film market, production, development and application in South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan for four major production bases. In today's manufacturing motors with energy conservation and environmental protection requirements, as a new material of the application of functional thin film and adhesive materials industry more and more widely, and more as the global economic gravity shift to Asia, especially in electronic, optoelectronic display, new energy, communications, medical, packaging, printing, automotive, electrical appliances, plastic industry development of high functional plastic film and adhesive tape demand increases sharply. "APFE" global initiative in 2007, with sticky tape and functional thin film materials, technology and equipment as the organization's set of standard, systematically presents the complete industrial chain, and successfully attracted attention, Asian and global customers jointly construct "sticky material world, feature film" the internationalization of business and technology exchange platform.

"APFE2015" as Chinese firms film adhesive tape and function to the world the most important stage, this year increased to 26000 square meters, the exhibition the exhibitors number increased to more than 600, offer professional visitors from all over the world a sticky tape and function of internationalization, specialization "gorge" in film industry.

Merchants gather the high quality materials and equipment, building adhesive tape and film annual event

"Materials, gathered the dow corning, NIPPA, BEMIS, Sicad, bluestar, evonik, constant resistance and comprehensive research, feather seal, td, yixin into, XiLiu photoelectric new material, the star, Kant's new, and many other well-known materials enterprises will be there with the latest products at the exhibition. In addition, BMB, Conquip, CO - TECH, the best of the industry, litai/HuaYing, o mother, the far east light, love, and many other precision coating technology for the first time to participate in "APFE" international exhibitors to participate in, have greatly enriched the depth and width of the exhibition.

Focus on the material products and technology demonstration, open BBS and exchange tour industry

"Conference, the organizers will joint the China association of die-cutting, die-cutting net , China net, the Taiwan plastic membrane adhesive tape, authoritative institutions, such as industrial board of trade at the same time make industry BBS event" the 4th China die cutting industry summit "and" BBS "function of the second China film industry. Conference will be invited from South Korea, Japan, Germany, the United States, Sweden, the industry's top companies and people to participate in the activities of the wonderful, in-depth to explore the concept of industry development and market technology development direction, analytical model of development trend in the future.

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