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Dry film composite bubble four reasons

Author : zhiying Date : 2016-04-29

Lack of coating weight produce bubbles

Lack of coating weight is a relative concept. Compound not printing of transparent film, coating weight 1.8 g to 2.2 g is enough, composite printing membrane had better be in more than 2.8 grams.

Deciding coating weight not only to consider the peel strength, but also consider the flow property of coating. And also flowing property and whether to adopt rubber roller and the surface tension of the base material, adhesives, working liquid viscosity and so on. Good general condition, coating weight can be appropriately reduced.

Coating weight not enough have bubbles can also make the peel strength will be reduced, but too much coating weight can make ink, transfer from the printing substrate. Enough local coating is difficult to identify, the reason is very complicated.

Adhesive, dry air bubbles caused by bad

Compound found after the bubble, operators first reflection is larger and larger amounts are coated, usually is very effective. But dry coating weight increase after more difficult, sometimes if you don't adjust the drying capacity, there are air bubbles. But the bubble is not caused by a lack of the original film, became poor drying to produce bubbles.

Generally speaking, due to poor state of coating (including insufficient coating weight) and the air bubble, big bubbles, small after curing, the tiny bubbles. But the poor drying composite membrane after curing the bubbles will be bigger, instead the reason from the evaporation of the solvent in the coating to the surface. BOPP/CPP structure, composite poor drying to produce bubbles. If the bubble is small enough, at the same time, a layer of thin film barrier property is poor, tiny bubbles can disappear after the curing.

Ink dry air bubbles caused by bad

Ink drying non-performing also can produce bubbles in the compound, this reason is often ignored by people. High ink residue is characteristic of bubble: bubble often appear on the part of high rate of ink dieyin, bubbles rarely dieyin rate is low.

To eliminate such bubbles can only handle the printing film, such as the printing film printing machine or compound machine dry again again again compound, can successfully eliminate the bubbles.

But poor drying does not necessarily produce bubbles, usually dealing with residual paint is not too serious, or other conditions do not have not have bubbles, it will be shown in other forms, should be taken seriously.

Glue spreader jams produce bubbles

Composite is often blocked in edition, but with the printed version of the blocked in distinguishing, often leads to miscalculation.

The first blocking version is glue spreader for a long time did not clean with washing version of liquid, the gluing quantity gradually decline, the last bubble. Strictly speaking this plugging version is not accident, longer duration of use glue roller, coating volume continued to decline is inevitable phenomenon.

In order to keep the amount of glue and constantly improve the adhesive work concentration. If have been monitoring coating weight, then when will have bubbles would have had a hunch.

Sometimes in a product in normal production has bubbles or white dot, is the most frequent blockage accident of glue spreader phase now. Different products, different film and even different ink has different requirements on glue, if we lack of monitoring on the coating quantity will be confused, think that glue spreader is blocked. Glue roller jam and other kinds of the bubble bubble difference is not big, need careful resolution.

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