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The application scope of die-cutting products

Author : zhiying Date : 2016-04-29

A, die-cutting products applied in the field of mobile devices

1, the mobile device

Mobile phone is die cutting products, the most widely applied field. Mobile phone operation is becoming more and more intelligent, body more and more thin, cannot leave the innovation of new die cutting process and hyperfine processing technology support. Look at the mobile phone need die cutting technology in the field of components:

Protective film, touch screen, screen, backlit film, Windows, black and white glue, lens protection, nameplate, sequence tags, headphone/microphone O ring fixed, headphone/microphone dustproof net, Windows/microphone dust MATS, earphone/microphone, earphone/microphone dust-proof cushion, cushion PCB fixed board, reflective film, backlit LCD, battery, battery label.

2, tablet

The tablet is after the phone, is most closely associated with die cutting industry equipment, again and again. Tablet computer instead of the notebook trend is inevitable, and the tablet is more and more humane, intelligent is is closely related to die cutting process. So, tablet using die cutting process of parts are what are they? As follows:

Protective film washer, touch screen, touch screen, screen, touch screen fixed rubber pad, screen fixed pads, camera lenses, motherboard, port insulation layer, hood, signs, dust-proof net phone, LED panels, FPCB fixed, battery, battery cushion, dust-proof net, Windows fixed, microphone microphone cushion, microphone, dust-proof net, button switch, back light.

3, smart watches equipment

Recently compared the hot smart watch is still a convertor product application is very wide a field, intelligent watch again and again to shine in the world behind, also cannot leave the die cutting more sophisticated, high precision technology support.

Smart watches is applied to the die cutting parts: strap, screen protective film, touch screen, screen, circuit board, backlight components, dust-proof net, battery interface and other kinds of soft board components.

Second, die-cutting products applied in the field of digital devices

All kinds of digital products is our world, and die cutting technology is everywhere in life work.

Cameras, video cameras, digital cameras, digital speaker equipment (such as act in an opera in the theatre machine machine, etc.), MP3, MP4,'t a MP5, voice recorder, scanners, DVD player, memory card, lash telephone, set-top boxes, satellite receivers, TV sets, as well as the numerical control electrical appliances such as are used in production and processing of die cutting equipment.

In digital cameras, for example:

A digital camera

The protection of the a. p. rubber pad CB c. flash CARDS D.L CD cushion fixed

Fixed f. e. button and hard material mirror cover fixed g. flashlight battery/cushion fixed

H. reflective mode of fixed i. panels fixed J.L CD module is fixed

1. Nameplate 2. FPCB 3. 4 LCD module fixed FPCB fixed

5. FPCB fixed 6. Panels fixed 7. 8. Serial number tag earphone/microphone dust pad

9. The lens cushion the FPCB fixed

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