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Film slitting process purpose and process

Author : zhiying Date : 2016-04-29

For cutting and the process to consider, not taken lightly. The purpose of this article summarizes the cutting, process flow, etc., in order to ensure the stability of the composite film cutting quality.

The purpose of a, cutting

1, according to user requirements, provide accurate specifications.

When 2, put in cutting volume, but on the whole process when composite extrusion composite large volumes of composite membrane for inspection again, to see if there were any quality problems.

3, can correct the wrong layer of the composite membrane or cutting off part of the printing and composite defects, improve the level of product rate.

4, can make the finished product achieve good winding state.

Second, the film cutting process

To boot, the first on the working procedure, printing, membrane composite down the volume testing, appearance of big test in the roller's hardness and surface roughness, look to whether can meet the requirements of the cutting. Then, cutting equipment situation of is going to work, to fully understand the performance, and check the equipment the main working parts and electric control part. Good big film roll at this moment, according to user requirements of the specifications of the blade adjustment, according to the normal production process on production.

Cutting machine normal operation condition is essential to ensure the quality of production. Because, each after high speed cutting machine often time, some important key components run precision will be decreased, the cutting and a few small specifications of the roller, to ensure the running accuracy is a little difficult. The composite membrane were polymer products, itself thickness thin, processing of susceptible to damage, so, when cutting and running accuracy is not enough, easy to produce the quality problems such as vertical stripes on film. To this end, confirmed by the observation and research for many years, we points to produce longitudinal stripe is on the main quality problems, must be solved.

In normal production, the speed of the cutting machine should be in strict accordance with the technical requirements. Too high will affect the cutting quality. Therefore, control the cutting speed, can get cutting and the required quality. Because in the process of production, some operators in order to increase production, improve their economic benefits, to artificially increase the cutting speed, this will make the film under high speed, prone to longitudinal stripes and wrong layer quality problems. So, we must according to the equipment performance in the normal production and internal performance and different specifications of film film, adopting appropriate cutting process, for production. Because of various process parameters of thin film slitting and recognized method, the numerical value is different, must be careful adjustment process for each products. In production, cutting machine use frequency is different for each station, and the wear degree is also different. So, will show some differences in the performance. For status, for example, a better location cutting products, less vertical stripes. On the other hand, the longitudinal stripes even more. As a result, each operator must pay attention to the location of the right to choose, best play equipment, grasp the site usage, constantly sum up experience, find the device using the method of the best. In addition, also should pay attention to, both in the cutting process, every roll of film was reopened, rewinding, such foreign body into the created the conditions to the outside world, and the film the product itself is mainly used for packing food, medicine, so is very strict on health, so must ensure that each roll of film to clean.

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