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  • A, die-cutting products applied in the field of mobile devices1, the mobile deviceMobile phone is die cutting products, the most widely applied field Mobile phone operation is becoming more and more intelligent, body more and m   >>
  • In the production of composite membrane was cutting quality of the roller is very important Each operation personnel should not only master quality influential factors of cutting film, but also can eliminate these problems as s   >>
  • For cutting and the process to consider, not taken lightly The purpose of this article summarizes the cutting, process flow, etc , in order to ensure the stability of the composite film cutting quality The purpose of a, cuttin   >>
  • Lack of coating weight produce bubblesLack of coating weight is a relative concept Compound not printing of transparent film, coating weight 1 8 g to 2 2 g is enough, composite printing membrane had better be in more than 2 8   >>
  • The principle of high temperature resistant high temperature tape used is high temperature resistant material as a base material for adhesive tape and glue adhesion agent, high temperature resistant material molecular structure is stable when heated, not   >>
  • 1 Must be clean screen before post2 The authentic mobile phone film has three layers, the first tear labeled 1, from the side began to slowly put a screen; Stick well labeled 2 off later 3 With the packing of scratch CARDS finish the bubble gently scra   >>